Beans and Rice Music is a production team that consists of members Bobby Beans and Ricky Rice.  Realizing their passion for making music and sharing frustrations of working nine to fives, Beans and Rice came together to produce immaculate music for the world to enjoy.


Bobby Beans is a professional drummer, trained musician, mechanical engineer and karate expert.  Bobby channels his inner chi to make funky drum breaks, shatter bones, and engineer new forms of art.  He also likes to keep his beard fresh while driving in his stock '97 Civic.  His favorite influences include: Danny Carey, Bernard Purdie and Flea.


Ricky Rice is a versatile DJ who's developed his ear for music by scavenging the dustiest crates across the world.  He's also a trained mechanical engineer who's about to innovate the world's first time machine.  He also likes to BBQ while drinking the finest german beers. His favorite influences include: Nas, Just Blaze, and Ricky Rice Jr. 


Beans and Rice Music is a full production team that makes music across all types of genres. The  focus of their music is hip hop but they can engineer designs to any spec.

Beans and Rice Music has a catalogue of tracks for your listening pleasure but can also provide full custom track development. For more information and licensing inquiries contact us at


Stay hungry for some Beans and Rice. . . 


The Beans and Rice Story


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Buy beats on Bandcamp.  High quality MP3 download with intro tag.  

The B&R Mixtape

Beans and Rice Music has their ears to the ground.  On the lookout for dope MCs and singers to build classic material.  

If you got skills on the mic, let's work. 

Send inquiries or samples of your music to

B&R Apparel

Dope beats need dope hats. . . B&R snapbacks and other gear available.  Available in black, white and grey.  Contact us to get yours.

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